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Updated: Feb 7

I am Kathleen Taboada, co owner and master trainer of YB Yoga Bar.

Young Adult Years

In high school, I became injured playing soccer. The injuries were dislocated knee. My orthopedic surgeon recommended I get a knee surgery or consider dedicating my time to something else other than competitive sports. I decided to quit playing soccer. In hindsight, this was wise choice given that while the knee was treated, it was only a partial diagnosis. The hip labral tear went unnoticed by all medical staff and apparently I had more tolerance for pain than I realized.

Five years later, I would take my first Yoga class and for the first time ever, practiced meditation. This experience was revolutionary! It provided the opportunity to become aware of my body alignment and experience strength and ease, simultaneously.

A decade of Breaking

In Jersey City, 2004, I started to Break Dance. A year later, I would be initiated into the crew, NBK. From teaching kids in Hudson County to New Orleans and performing on prestigious stages like the NJPAC, Lincoln Center to MTV, it was truly a blessing to express myself as a professional dancer and performer.

A spiritual quest for wisdom

2015 was a time of great change. I needed to press the big reset button. I took four months off to get away, breathe new air and experience without agenda. I went all over Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Argentina. It wasn't until I visited Oahu on June 2016 for a friend's wedding, that I would find my home in the world. After much prayer and desire to find my happiness again, my husband and I were able to move to Kapolei, Hawaii. I worked at 24 Hour Fitness at the time as a Personal Trainer, Yoga and Barre instructor.

The West Oahu community made me feel at home. I began to imagine that maybe I could grow roots on the west side.

On the first full moon of 2021 - we opened the doors of our open air, garden studio nestled in the sweet confines of Mango and Plumeria trees. Our neighborhood has been warm and kind to us. To them, we are eternally grateful.

At YB Yoga Bar, we provide a variety of Yoga and Bar classes offering personalized instruction and recognizing each individuals' talents. Our mission is to guide others who want to re unite with their extraordinary potential, so we, as a collective can shine brightly, together. Namaste✨❤️✨

Previous Client / Company List:MTV (Viacom), Goldman Sachs, Bar Method, Kula for Karma, Boys and Girls Club, #12 Julia Barnes K-12 grade, 24 Hour Fitness,Trump West, Bally’s, Women’s Way, Metro Golf and fitness, Pump’d, CUDA and Gold’s Gym.

Certifications List: American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Anusara Yoga Elements Yoga, Balanced Body Pilates, Spin, TRX, Zumba (several styles) and Yoga Rope.

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