No Ballet Barre, No Problem--use many things in your home ( even the wall !)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

YB Virtual BAR ( barre ) classes are going to give you that awesome sculpted leg look even without the ballet barre. What makes these exercises so effective? We take our time explaining and demonstrating HOW TO get into your form BEFORE we get you moving. Form is everything. Another reason why our BAR classes works so well is because it's based on physical therapy, dance and pilates. So if you're looking to get fit and walk away feeling fierce, then join in on the fun and join us at the Virtual BAR. Below is a list of other options to substitute a ballet barre.

4 options to use for a support instead of a ballet barre

  • Bar Stool

  • Couch

  • Kitchen Counter

  • Wall

Other equipment used in a virtual YB BAR class

  • Cushion

  • Bar mat. FYI- the Bar mat is thicker than a yoga mat. Alternate option - fold yoga mat in half for extra cushion and comfort or practice on carpet with yoga mat or towel.

  • Yoga Strap. Alternate option use: belt, dog leash or towel.

  • Light dumbbells (2,3, 4 lbs) Alternate option use - water bottles, canned food or plastic container filled with rocks or sand. Most arm exercises can be done using a long and light resistance Theraband.

For more information on taking virtual classes like Zoom and other tech tips or taking a virtual Yoga class, check out the blog, How to get ready for a virtual class.

If you know of other Bar equipment options for taking a virtual class, please comment below.

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